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Welcome to the dedicated section of wk5.com for AIA members. There are a number of services available for free as a benefit of your membership of the AIA.
Donít forget that you can get free Business Status Monitoring for up to ten businesses.
To take advantage of this simply follow the steps in the Business Status Monitoring Section of the website or call us on the Advice Line number.
Our Advice Line service is also available free to members free.
With over twenty years of supporting thousands of businesses we look forward to supporting you and your clients or employers.
Our range of services are constructed to be complementary to the services that you offer and to support you in your specific role.
We donít need to tell you that an important part of the success of any business is its cash management.
Businesses can often forget that every spending and payment decision impacts immediately on cash flow. Every aspect of wk5.com is geared towards maximising cash flow options and management.
Our services include information and advice regarding:

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